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Little by little, we let go of loss… but never of love

Though a heart after loss will never be the same, it is possible to carry on in life, one step at a time. Whether you are looking for something to hold on to while you take the next step towards healing, or a heartfelt way to express your empathy for a loved one who is grieving, these personalized memorial gifts are a beautiful tribute to life and love.

In 2009, A Pebbled Heart founder, Christy, lost her infant daughter Darian. Lost in her grief, she felt alone. Despite the efforts of those around her, the endless advice, flowers, and casseroles she received did little to help her aching heart though she knew they meant well. It was not until she was gifted a pendant with her daughter’s name on it that she found unexpected solace. It was remarkable how something so simple could bring her such comfort; a comfort that she wanted to share with others going through the same heartache. The impact this small memento had in Christy’s healing journey inspired her to start A Pebbled Heart.

Simple, personalized heartfelt mementos with profound meanings. Shop our handcrafted bereavement gifts made with care and compassion below.

Where the rolling prairies of Alberta meet the stunning Rocky Mountains, you’ll find one of Canada’s most beautiful national treasures, Waterton Lakes National Park. Adorned with picturesque mountains and crystal-clear lakes, Waterton radiates tranquility.

Cameron Bay, found along the shoreline of Upper Waterton Lake, is near and dear to our hearts as it is the location at which our daughter’s memorial was held. We use this site as the backdrop for our memorial images to share the feelings of serenity and peace this beautiful beach brought us in our time of need.